Bacon Roses

These make a great gift for bacon lover in your life!

15 Minutes
30 Minutes


  •  Bouquet of rose stems or wooden skewers 
  • pack of bacon 
  •  ~40 toothpicks 
  •  Big Green Egg Sweet and Smoky Seasoning 


Big Green Egg Seasoning, Sweet & Smoky

Add flavor to any dish by sprinkling Sweet & Smoky Seasoning on any of your favorite foods before co...

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The convEGGtor - Indirect Convection Cooking on the Big Green Egg The Big Green Egg is designed t...

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Skewers - All Natural Bamboo

Made from all natural, eco-friendly bamboo, these skewers are perfect for grilling and serving kabob...

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Step 1

Set the EGG for indirect cooking with a convEGGtor at 350°F/176°C.

Step 2

Season the bacon with the Big Green Egg Sweet & Smoky Seasoning. Take each slice of bacon and carefully roll it up.

Step 3

Insert toothpicks in an X shape to the bottom of the bacon roll up.

Step 4

Put bacon roll ups on EGG and allow them to cook until finished. Make sure the bacon isn't too crispy.

Step 5

If using real flower stems, remove the flowers from the stems carefully. You may need to use scissors. Insert half a toothpick into the top of the stem. Remove the toothpicks from the bacon roll up and insert onto stem toothpick.

Step 6

If using wooden skewers, simply remove the toothpicks from the bacon roll up and insert onto skewer.

Step 7

Whichever method you choose, you will likely need to use a ribbon to tie the stems/skewers together towards the top so they don't fall over and put them in a vase or wrap.

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